Why use HSI Photobooth?

Reasons to use HSI Photobooth

  1. Its SO MUCH FUN!
  2. The booth breaks the ice for all of your guests.
  3. Its your own personal studio with professional lighting and camera gear.
  4. We only use professional Canon DSLR Cameras with L-Series lenses and professional studio strobe lighting
  5. You can choose multiple print style from a customised touch screen.
  6. The results are professional high resolution images and you get them all.
  7. The booth is a feature of your party.
  8. You can share all of the images on social media.
  9. You get everlasting memories of your party, function or wedding.
  10. You can see the images as soon as they are taken on the viewing screen.
  11. Photos can be projected on to a screen as they are shot.
  12. All the printed photos are presented in Protective photo folders.
  13. The booth will capture images of all the people that your wedding photographer missed.
  14. Its a great marketing tool and you can promote your business in style using photos and business logos.
  15. You can customise the booth to fit in large or small venues.
  16. The booth is versatile and can cater for shots of 20 people or 2.
  17. You can create a coffee table book from the images.
  18. You can order prints of any size after the event.
  19. All of the images are available for viewing online.
  20. The best thing about HSI Photo Booth is the fun that you will have.We supply all the props and a professionally cordoned off area for your guests or clients to have the time of their life.

    Onlookers will feel compelled to join in and before you know it there will be a que to get in to the photo booth!

    How do we know this? Because it happens every time!

    HSI Photo Booth – Best Results – Best Prints – Best Service – Best Fun!

This list will grow and grow and after you hire HSI Photobooth you too will be able to add to this list.