1. What is the difference between an open booth and a closed booth?

    A closed booth is your conventional booth that you would find in a supermarket or a gaming venue. It is small, can fit upto three people and is closed to the people arround. An open booth is more like a studio. It is open so everybody around can enjoy the fun and HSI Photobooth has had 27 people in one shot. HSI Photobooth also uses professional studio lighting and professional DSLR cameras and lenses.

  2. How much room do we need to fit HSI Photobooth?

    The minimum space required is 2×4 metres. We can make the booth much larger for big parties and corporate functions.

  3. How fast can you print photos?

    We use the latest technology in printers and can print a 6×4″ photo in 7 seconds.

  4. What is the quality of the images?

    We only use professional Canon DSLR Cameras with L-Series lenses and professional studio strobe lighting. The results are equal to that of a professional studio.

  5. How long does it take to set up and pack up the photobooth?

    We allow an hour to setup the photobooth and it takes approximately half an hour to pack up.

  6. What are the best times to have the photobooth?

    This depends on what sort of photos you want. If you have a wedding and you want nice photos with everyone looking there best, make the booking to start at the beginning of the reception. If you want fun photos make the booking go to the end of the reception when everybody has had a few drinks. It is a lot of fun then but it is hard to get everyone looking at the camera all at once because they are just having too much fun. This rule applies to most functions. For a 4 hour booking the best timeslot would be 7-11pm.

  7. Can we customise our booking?

    Yes absolutely, Our pricing structure is set to allow you to customise your booking to suit your needs.

  8. Can we change our booking on the night?

    The booking time is locked in but if you want to add time or services on the night that is fine.

  9. What areas does HSI Photobooth service?

    HSI Photobooth services all Melbourne Metro areas with no travel costs. We also travel any where else, please inquire for travel costs.

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